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Information about how the EServer tracks how many readers it has.

The Apache webserver records certain information automatically about every file requested from our server: the IP address of the computer requesting the file, the domain name requested, the day/time of the request, the URL requested, the number of bytes sent, the number of sixtieths of a second required to send the file, and the browser version the reader uses.

We use log analysis software to analyze the log files, looking for patterns. If the server notices a number of requests for files from the same IP address and browser, it identifies that group as one "visit". You can see the overview of the results from this daily analysis in Recent Readership. Full access to the usage reports is available to EServermembers.

By that measure, we host more than sixty-five thousand visitors per day, over two million visitors per month.

visit data from Alexa

If you look at the data from Alexa, the division of Amazon that rates and reviews websites, 3-5 of every million pages viewed on the Internet are served by the EServer. At first blush, that doesn't seem like many. But think about it.