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Information about publishing new works from one of our collections.

We are always looking for new works to publish to online readers. We publish material in a wide range of interests and formats. If you have a work currently "out of print" and/or not published elsewhere online, the EServer has a well-regarded name online, and could attract a very large readership for your work. (We do not publish all works submitted to us, and will not publish commercial websites.) All works published from the EServer are free of charge to readers. Authors are provided reliable, high-bandwidth servers for their work, but are not paid for material by the EServer.

But we have been online since 1990 and can offer a stable, long-term, reliable home for your work. We do not charge authors or editors to publish with us. Authors retain copyright to their work and gain the assistance that our project management systems, content management systems and our other members (who are also online writers and editors) can provide to establishing a work's quality and prestige. (See, for instance, our "Page Strength" according to SEOMoz.)

If you are interested in discussing a work to publish, or are interested in bringing a larger collection of works to the EServer from another site, contact us or use the Web form below to submit a copy of the work directly—then one of our editors will contact you to discuss it. If the work seems appropriate to a particular extant EServer collection, our webmaster may forward it directly to the appropriate editor or editorial committee, and they will contact you directly. If you wish to discuss questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

If you don't have a text to submit but are interested in volunteering to collaborate in projects we have in queue for Web publishing, fill out our membership form, then after your account has been activated you'll be able to go to the EServerbulletin board (for EServermembers only) and look over ou "to do" list of works to edit and projects and tasks pending.

Before your work will be placed online it will be necessary for you to read, fill out and mail to us our copyright agreement form. We do this in order both to clarify and to protect contributors' intellectual property rights to the materials they publish with us. Authors give us revokable, nonexclusive permission to publish their work online, and that's all.

If your text is currently in print format, we'll discuss the schedule for scanning and proofreading it. If your text is already in plain-text, we'll discuss designing it in HTML for web readers. If your work is already in HTML, we'll talk about how the EServer will advertise the work so that Internet readers will find and read it.

Copyright for all texts and collections published on the EServer is held by their authors. The EServer does not charge its readers for access, and accepts no income from advertising. Our site is generated entirely by volunteer labor from our writers, editors and administrative board members. EServer equipment is maintained by donations from individuals, some scholarly, arts and humanities grants, and bandwidth provided by Iowa State University.

If you have the URL address of a document already on the Web that you think we should link to from one of our collections, contact us and describe your site.

The EServer has hundreds of volunteers who work with us--many of whom have worked with us for years--and we're always delighted to make new friends.