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Project Management


Project management software coordinates the work of many people, widely geographically distributed.

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Project management software helps to coordinate the collaborative work of many people, even if they're widely distributed geographically. Our project management software, which is based on PHP and MySQL, allows collection editors to list tasks that need to be performed and allows level 3 members to delegate tasks among the EServer's hundreds of volunteer members.

The EServer's project management system is available online at; contact us if you need to have your project management system account activated.

Project management is traditionally often the responsibility of an individual project manager. In traditional PM, this individual seldom participates directly in the activities that produce the end result, but rather strives to maintain the progress and productive mutual interaction of various parties in such a way that overall risk of failure is reduced. The EServer's project management system can allow for either that traditional project management or the (newer) agile software development approach, in which the project is seen as relatively small tasks rather than a single, larger, complete process, led by a facilitator who expedites the development without such an hierarchical division of labor.