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EServer membership is free for people who wish to volunteer to help us publish new works online.

The EServer is a member-run cooperative. If you are interested in collaborating on publishing projects, or interested in being part of a worldwide literary community, then we invite you to join us!

Membership is free. New members typically join at Level 1, which gives access to our editors' mailing list, project management system and members-only bulletin boards. We value contributions and commitment to our community, so Level 1 members who volunteer for projects, proofread or copyedit projects, design/code writings submitted and approved by editors, and collaborate with other members can advance to Level 2 to receive additional membership privileges. There are five membership levels in total; more information on what the different levels include is listed below.

Membership Levels


Anyone may read works on our site, without any need to become a member. Non-members can:

  • Read works in our public collections
  • Subscribe to our "friends" mailing list

Level 1: Volunteer
Become a new member by filling out the application form. Volunteers can:

  • Subscribe to our "members" mailing list
  • Access our "members only" bulletin board
  • Access our project management system
  • Collaborate with other members on e-text publishing projects
  • Submit works for publication on the EServer; if accepted, members may edit their works directly on the system at any time

Level 2: Member
Level 1 members can be promoted to Level 2 by volunteering for projects and by receiving positive recommendations from collection editors and administrators. Project coordinators can:

  • Suggest, organize and coordinate projects
  • Receive an EServer e-mail account (
  • Post messages to the members' bulletin board to recruit volunteers for current EServer projects
  • Gain privileges to create a "mailbox" folder
  • Use the Course Management system for courses taught at accredited academic institutions
  • Post assessments of Level 1 members with whom they are collaborating on projects

Level 3: Editor (aka "Collection Editor")
Level 2 members can be promoted to Level 3 by building a history of volunteering for projects and by receiving positive recommendations from higher-level members. Collection editors can:

  • Direct the editorial perspective of a top-level EServer collection
  • Receive a full POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail account
  • Recruit volunteers and members to work with them on projects
  • Post assessments of Level 1 and 2 members with whom they collaborate on projects

Level 4: Senior Editor
Level 3 members who work with high-end interactive tools in their collections and have recommendations from higher-level members may qualify for Level 4. Collection Administrators can:

  • Add to our CGIs? (Common Gateway Interfaces) and Java class libraries
  • Create, moderate and manage listserv mailing lists
  • Create webmail archives or e-mail accounts and mailing lists
  • Create new sessions on our "crawler" search engine

Level 5: Board Member

Board members serve as officers of the corporation, serving on the nonprofit corporation's board of directors. The EServer does not at present need more board members. If the need does arise, a level 4 senior editor will be selected for promotion to level 5.

  • Level 5 members can create new member accounts, access all files on the site, and can promote EServer members to higher levels

Click here to fill out the membership form.

Once you've submitted your application, we will respond with a confirmation via email as soon as your account has been activated. We do our best to get your account set up within 24 hours.