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Apache, the world's most popular webserver, runs the EServer, too.

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Apache, the world's most popular webserver since 1996 (running about 60% of all web servers, according to recent statistics), also powers the EServer. It provides the EServer's HTTP and WebDAV services to Internet readers. Our version of the distribution (Apache is both free and open-source) comes with an excellent user interface to help our editors configure and to monitor usage, providing us with overviews of how much demand has been placed on the server in terms of requests per second, network traffic, and CPU usage.

As a result, our server is compatible with every web browser, and supports many high-end server-side protocols, such as PHP, JSP, Lasso, [Ruby]?, [Python]?, Perl, and mod_rewrite. Because we use Apache it would also be possible for us to offer services from additional Apache modules, if needed by our editors to support future EServer collections.

Our system also uses Apache as a front-end proxy for many of the content management systems on the server, so that URL addresses such as "" or "" are served through Apache to CMSes such as WordPress, Drupal, Plone, [Joomla]?, Movable Type, etc.

We currently run Apache 2.2.26. Contact us if you have advanced questions about our webserver configuration, in terms of how it could be used to support online publishing projects you would consider publishing with us.