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World-Wide Web


The most popular EServer Internet protocol is that of the World-Wide Web.

The EServer has a large Web presence, with documents currently served to Internet readers. EServer members who post work to the site may use any [HTML]? or XML, in addition to having access to dozens of specialized [CGI]?, PHP, and [Java]? class library resources, [search engine]?, and content management systems such as Mambo, Movable Type, Plone and [Zope]?. We work to provide our editors with leading-edge document management systems to enhance their websites (if desired).

If you have a large collection that you are already publishing elsewhere, please talk with us about moving it to the EServer to take advantage of our resources. You would automatically become a Level 3 member with full privileges as a top-level Collection Editor.

Web texts are relatively easy to write and can be read from every brand of personal computer. They allow us to control layout, create links to other files across the Internet and employ images, video, sound and other media in our services.