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Mailing Lists


What mailing list services the EServer offers to its members and collection editors.

The EServer hosts dozens of mailing lists, from simple collections of email addresses kept in a folder by an EServer member to large, automated LISTSERV lists anyone on the Internet can join easily. The list of publicly-available mailing lists is available here. But because the EServer spent two years without outgoing e-mail (overloaded by attempts at spam relaying), today we don't have any public mailing lists. Most of our list are private, affiliated with various EServer groups or collections.

Contact us if you're interested in hosting a new mailing list on the EServer.

You can also join or leave any EServer list by sending the command SUBSCRIBE listname or UNSUBSCRIBE listname in the first line of an email message addressed to "".

If you have any problems with an EServer list--or an interest in hosting a new list on the EServer--please contact us, describe the error, and we'll do what we can to resolve it.

The EServer runs Mailman to manage all mailing lists, an open-source mailing list management software package, version 2.1.2.

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