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FileMaker Pro


FileMaker Pro is a user-friendly relational database application, used on the EServer for database-driven websites.

  technical communication library database
  cultural studies database
  journals database

Years before database-driven standards such as PHP and MySQL became widespread online, as early as 1996, the EServer used the famously user-friendly relational database application FileMaker Pro for many of its database-driven websites.

Because information design with FileMaker Pro can be much less intimidating than that with MySQL or PostgreSQL, many of our editors have used it since then for database-driven website design. And because FileMaker Pro databases have thorough TCP/IP integration, editors can use it--wherever in the world they are located--to maintain collections more flexibly than with some other systems.

Some EServer collections use FileMaker Pro's integrated XML and XSLT capabilities, while others use PHP or Lasso server-side include languages to integrate FileMaker Pro data into website development.