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English Server


Notes from the earliest history of the EServer.

EServer website, circa 1996Soon after the Carnegie Mellon graduate students built the first EServer workstation, we realized that we needed a name. "The Server" sounded too generic. The users (all 8 of us!) voted, and decided on "English Server", since our users were all graduate students in CMU's English Department. Our original Internet domain name (before they invented short domain names) was "", which later became "", then "", then "".

In the years since, we've shortened our name to "EServer," since we're not located in England and since our members today come from a wide range of arts and humanities disciplines. Hence, in late 1996, "".

We keep the capital "s" of EServer just to remind us of that it's a sort of contraction, as well as to confuse word processors that try to help writers with their spelling. :)