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Creative Commons


The Creative Commons movement has created a few different “plain english” versions of copyright contracts, seemingly as part of an attempt to address popular unhappiness with the relationship commercial publishing has created between publishers and audiences.

Several EServer collections do employ Creative Commons copyright licenses.

But for the most part, we've based our work on more progressive theories and software agreements, such as the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public Licenses and copyleft writings, based on the earlier work of legal theorists such as Hayden White, Pamela Samuelson and the more recent work of groups such as the Libre Commons project. Our interest is, in large part, a preservation of older Common Law visions of "Res Communes", instead of the neoclassical John Locke/Adam Smith theories of fair society through unlimited private property.

But EServer authors may use any form of license consistent with our site's policies: public domain, free licenses such as the EServer Copyright Agreement, or even (in some cases, if they desire) traditional copyright notices, as they see fit.

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