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<b>Plone is an [open-source] <a href="/ContentManagementSystems">content management system</a> used to generate many EServer [collections].</b>

Plone is an [open-source] <a href="/ContentManagementSystems">content management system</a> that contains its own webserver, user management and access permissions, a comprehensive system for editing and updating content, and a large number of plug-ins (called "modules") that offer such features as a [blog], threaded discussion board, [survey], [Wiki], and automatically-generated navigation tree. Plone is built upon [Zope], an [Open-Source] Python-based content management system.

EServer collection editors may use Plone to generate and manage their collection. By doing this, it becomes easier to add individual user accounts and to manage groups of editors, for long-distance collaboration.

Among the EServer collections that are based on Plone [content management systems] are "Bad Subjects":, "Drama":, and "Rhetoric and Composition": In addition, this documentation set runs within a Plone wiki.

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