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EServer: Recent Readership

Statistics about readership since January 1, 2006.
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  3,402.63 days from 01/01/06 at 12:00AM to 04/26/15 at 03:07PM - Calculated 04/26/15 at 03:07PM  

EServer Readership Reports: Recent Usage

Overview for  All EServer Domains
How have visits to my site changed over time?

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Where do my visitors come from? 
   22.93%    Referring Domains
   63.00%    Search Engines
   0.00%    Campaigns
   12.91%    Hijacked Graphics
   1.17%    Failed Referrers
Referring Domains
How many visits has my site had?
Visits Bytes
   Total (3,402.63 days)    222,347,529    40,249G
   Peak on 05/28/14    98,625   
   Peak on 04/29/14    189.5G
   Average    65,346 12,113M
   Recent Average    55,345    12,072M
Average    1,993,047    360.8G
Recent Average    1,688,005    359.6G
    April 2015    1,422,765    340.7G   
    March 2015    1,933,125    390.8G   
    February 2015    1,680,508    335.5G   
Monthly Averages
    Monthly    Average        Recent   
    Visits    1,993,047    down    1,688,005   
    Bytes    360.8G    same    359.6G   
    Pages    6,386,121    down    4,361,398   
    Hits    17,141,040    downdown    9,302,410   
    Errors    265,481    upupupup    1,074,989   
Where can I look for more information?

This is a brief overview of the 150-page detailed report generated
hourly for members of the EServer's editors and board of directors.
Our (internal) data complement Alexa/Amazon's analysis of our web
which allow users to compare our popularity against other sites'
(and to conclude that we're among the most popular humanities websites).