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Please donate, to help the EServer publish quality work to online readers.

Please Support the EServer

Goal: $18663

Thanks to you we’re at $9401 or 50% 

Donations are greatly appreciated here at the EServer! We have a strict policy against advertisements, and therefore must rely upon the generosity of our Internet readers to maintain this server's hardware and software. These donations have made it possible over the last eighteen years for us to publish a diverse library of quality works to almost two million readers per month.

what we would do with donations

We always keep an up-to-date wish list of the equipment and software we'd like to purchase, if we had the funds. Because our primary current workstations date from 2003 and 2004, our current wish list includes almost $20,000 worth of hardware and software. If you're interested in helping us, please feel free to review this list, then consider whether you can help us. Any contributions you can give will be greatly appreciated--not only by our editorial teams, but also by millions of readers worldwide.

Your support will help to ensure that the EServer continues to flourish as a unique cooperative on the Internet. Donors can choose to specify their donation be used for a specific project, hardware capability, or software package, if desired.

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You can donate from a PayPal account
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Because our staff are all volunteers, 100% of the donations we receive are used for maintaining and updating the site's hardware and software.

Donors will receive a receipt by mail. Because we are an educational nonprofit organization, under U.S. law, such donations are fully tax-deductible. People interested in making significant donations or in supporting specific EServer ventures are encouraged to contact us to discuss details.